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Global Growth Marketing Conference, San Francisco, Dec 10-11 2019

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Influencer & Advocate Marketing: 5 Secrets to Success with Rob Fuggetta

Rob Fuggetta (pronounced Few-jetta) is the author of Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force (John H. Wiley & Sons, Inc.), and Founder/CEO of Zuberance, the leading full-service Advocate marketing company.

Rob is a popular, passionate speaker who has delighted audiences at over 500 events, including Ad Tech, TedX, the Word of Mouth Marketing Summit, and at numerous AMA, PRSA, DMA, ANA, BMA, and MENG events. Rob teaches a two-day seminar on Advocate & Influencer marketing, sponsored by the national AMA. He also is a featured speaker at AMA’s Spring and Fall marketing workshops.

In addition to his book, Rob has published over 100 articles and posts about brand advocacy in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, iMedia, and dozens of other online publications. The Online Marketing Institute recently named Rob one of the Top 40 digital marketers in the US


By the end of the session, you’ll know how to:

  • Influencers and Advocates are different
  • They have different motivations and behaviors
  • The 3R’s: Reach alone doesn’t equal influence
  • It’s one of the “3 R’s of Influence.”
  • Five-step action plan for activating Influencers & Advocates